About MB Imports:

MB Imports started its operations in April 14, 2020 as the first e-commerce portal in Bangladesh. MB Imports is an online marketplace where anyone can sell or else buy almost anything. The website has a strong & rising community of users who trade in a broad range of item categories including Electronics, Cameras, Phones, Computers, CDs, Mobiles, Fashion Accessories, and also Music & Travel. Through a world class technology infrastructure MB Imports enables & simplifies e-commerce for Bangladesh’s ever expanding online community. People spend more time on MB Imports than any other Bangladeshi website, making it the most popular website of the country. MB Imports encouraged young generation to earn money from selling goods using the power of the Internet. MB Imports is proud to help many people established successful online businesses who make a living out of it.

In 2020, MB Imports launched Online Stores together with its classified service, providing a chance for users to visit an online shopping mall and also do online shopping at the best price.

Our Mission:

MB Imports aspires to constantly shape the Bangladeshi online revolution by making the major individual to individual trading community in the country. We may do so by proposing the best consumer experience in an environment driven by high performance plus constant innovation and also teamwork and opportunity for wealth creation. Our mission is to deliver an e-trading platform for Bangladesh where nearly anyone can trade practically anything.

Our Beliefs:

We trust people are fundamentally good. We recognize & respect everyone as an exclusive individual.
We trust everybody has something to contribute. We encourage individual to treat others the way they want to be treated themselves. We trust that an honest, open environment could bring out the best in individuals.

Our Vision:

MB Imports is making a place where individual can offer goods for sale and also anyone in the world can purchase at a fair cost. It may be a market of individual, where your next-door neighbor may compete with a big corporation and also have an equal chance of success. It may be a place that continuously adapts plus progresses to meet the needs of buyers and also sellers. Trust, honesty and also efficiency will be rewarded. In the end, our market will be so big and open that you might be able to find almost anything you can imagine. And every other method to purchase and sell things may seem inferior.

Bangladesh's Online Marketplace:

Individual from all over Bangladesh purchase and also sell on MB Import. Presently, over ninety percent of all listed items gets sold on MB Imports providing buyer & seller the convenience of online trading. Individuals come to MB Imports to purchase and also sell items in an array of categories from antiques, art, and also collectibles to practical items such as used cars, mobiles, laptops, clothing, books, CDs, and also electronics. Buyers have the opportunity to purchase stuffs in an auction style format or stuffs could be purchased at a set price through a feature called Fixed Price. MB Imports is the place to purchase what you want, sell what you have, and make new friends while you are at it. Our online community of thousands of users that let you connect with individual who share your interest.